Solar Fencing


Solar power fence is an electrical fence. This system actively controls entry of animals, human beings by giving them a short, sharp but safe shock. 

Electric fence energizer produces a short, high DC voltage pulse (5-10kV) at a regular rate of one pulse per 1.2 second and lasts only 300 millionths of a second. Hence, the shock is completely safe.

System Description

Base Unit
PV Module : Power source
Power fence controller : Produces a short, high DC voltage pulse (5-10kV) Energizer at a regular interval of one pulse per 1.2 second and lasts only 300 millisecond
Battery : Low maintenance tubular type lead acid battery
Corner post : Used at ends or bends, 2" GI pipe
Support post : Standing post, 1" GI pipe
Intermediate post : Hot dip galvanized MS T-angle
Wire : Heavy duty, high carbon, high tension GI wire
SS Insulator : Poly carbonate, high tension insulator
PP Insulator : Poly propylene, supporting insulator
Wire Tightner : High quality non-rusting Aluminum alloy
Earth Kit : Stainless steel rod with special earthling mixture
Lightning diverter : To protect fence from lightning

Special Features of Solar Powered Fence

  • Highly reliable.
  • Safe with effective deterrence & detection capabilities
  • Easy to operate
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Cost effective
  • Has an integration capability with access control
  • Centralized alarm system


  • Protection against all animals
  • Economical way of protection of farms
  • Security cover for residential area
  • Security cover to industrial area
  • Anywhere security stands first!


  • Protection of crop/property
  • No electric connection required, no electric bill
  • Automatic operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable yet safe operation

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Solar Fencing