Government Polices & Subsidy

Government Subsidies:

Central government authority Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the state government of each states devices solar policies , The financial aid of 30% subsidy for Solar PV installation is provided in order to achieve our National Solar Mission target. Solar Street light, Solar Pumps , Commercial solar power plant and domestic power plants have various subsidies. More information can be obtained from the and

National Solar Mission:

In order to support and promote solar energy all over India, Government of India took a major initiative with the start of "The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission" alias "National Solar Mission". The mission is one of the several initiatives which are part of the National Action Plan on climate changes. The main objective of this mission is to bring India as one of the global leader in solar energy. The mission has 3 phases.

  • Phase-I (up to 2013)
  • Phase-II (2013-2017)
  • Phase-III (2017-2022)

The immediate aim of the mission, (Phase-I, up to 2013) is to bring awareness among the people by promoting solar energy for domestic system where access to commercial energy is not possible.

In Phase II capacity will be aggressively increased to create a competitive solar energy market in the country. There will be an evaluation at regular interval to check the pricing and technological trends on both domestic as well as international market in order to protect the government from subsidy exposure. Achieving phase 3 target will be dependent on the learning from the first two phases.